Great news! Everyone except international users can now update their Glowcose with the setup guide below. A fix for international users should be ready around the end of May. Due to overwhelming demand we are currently sold out. We expect to be back in stock around mid May with pre-orders available the week prior. Thank you!


Your Glowcose can easily be setup faster than your favorite song.  Watch the setup video or review the guide below for more details.  Skip to 1:41 if you purchased after Feb 2022. 


Step 1: Plug in Glowcose light.

Step 2: Reset Glowcose

Once your Glowcose connects to your wifi network (indicated by two quick green flashes), it will turn RED. Press and hold the button on the back for 5-6 seconds until it flashes BLUE.

If you have not setup your glowcose previously, watch the setup video at Please be sure to use “1234”as your ‘Sugarmate ID’

Step 3: Connect to Wifi

Once your Glowcose begins to flash various colors, use your mobile device to connect to the wifi network called “GLOWCOSE”. 

Once your Glowcose begins to flash various colors, use your mobile device to connect to the wifi network called “GLOWCOSE”. The Glowcose interface should then pop-up. Select the “INFO” button . 

It may take a a few seconds for the ‘information’ tab to display. If your mobile device does not pop up with the Glowcose setup page, use your browser (chrome, safari, etc) and goto any website ( or enter into the URL bar. 

Step 4: Upgrade Firmware

Scroll to the bottom of the page and press “UPGRADE FIRMWARE”. Once selected, your Glowcose will begin downloading the latest firmware - this may take a few minutes.

You’ll notice your glowocse display assorted colors during update. DO NOT unplug your glowcose during the update. Please allow 2-6 minutes depending on your connection speed. 

Step 5: Firmware Updated

A successful update is indicated by a slow flashing yellow color.

*Note: Each of your Glowcose lights purchased prior to Feb 2022 will need to be updated individually.


Step 6: Web App Setup

Visit and and ‘sign up’ using your Dexcom credentials.

You must have Sharing enabled within the Dexcom app. Verify your credentials with the following: (US based Users) (Users outside of the US)

Step 7: Get Connection Code

Make note of the “Device Connection Code” from the user interface displaying your current blood glucose reading.

Your Device Connection Code is unique to you and will be required to connect your Glowcose light to your Glowcose web app data. 

Step 8: Device Reset

Your Glowcose should now be slowly flashing YELLOW. Reset to factory settings by unplugging and plugging in your Glowcose while pressing and holding the back button until your Glowcose flashes RED three times. 

Step 9: ADD Connection Code

Once your Glowcose is flashing various colors, again connect to the network called “GLOWCOSE” and use “Configure Device” to complete your setup using the Device Connection Code (8-10 digit number).

Color Representation

RED – Low
GREEN – On Target

The color will express a gradient between colors as your Blood Glucose reading is trending higher/lower. Example: Glowcose would display a “yellow” color if a user is trending from ‘on target’ to ‘low’.

Additional glowcose Functions: 

Light Brightness
Clicking the button on the back of the device will adjust the brightness of the light.
There are 5 light settings to aid with day/night needs.

Resetting the Device
“Press and hold” the back button until a ‘blue light’ displays and release. This will reset your Glowcose back to factory settings and the setup process will have to be restarted.

Setup FAQ / Trouble Shooting