Setup Guide

Step 1:

Setup an account at

Follow the instructions at to connect your CGM 

Step 2:

Enable JSON data for your Sugarmate account 

Once the account is setup, use a web browser to navigate to, login, and view the ‘dashboard’.

To enable external JSON data, click on the top menu icon, and navigate to ‘settings’.

Finally, click to allow ‘External JSON’ and your unique URL will be provided. 

NOTE: the only item needed for setup will be your 6-digit SugarmateID. 

Given the example below: “xxxxxx” is the SugarmateID. 

Step 3:

Plug in your Glowcose to a USB port for power.

Step 4:

Once your Glowcose device has initialized, pairing mode will be indicated by a quick flashing of colors. Complete the pairing by using a smart phone, tablet, or computer. 

Step 5:

Search available WiFi networks and your Glowcose. The device will appear as a network named “GLOWCOSE”. 

Step 6:

Select the network “GLOWCOSE”. Allow a few seconds for the WiFi configuration screen to load.

Step 7:

Select “Configure WiFi” 

Step 8:

Select your network from the available options at the top

NOTE: Glowcose is designed to connect to 2.4GHz networks and will show your appropriate network.

Fill in the “password” field with your WiFi network password.

Enter in your unique 6-digit SugarmateID in the SugarmateID field. This must match what was provided in Step 2.

Set your high, target, and low Blood Glucose values and click “Save”

Step 9:

Once ‘Save’ is clicked, the “Saving Credentials” page will be displayed. Your Glowcose device will reset and connect to your network. 

NOTE: During this reset, a dull white color will be displayed followed by a green flash of color. This indicates a successful reset and internet connection. Please allow up to 15 seconds for this pairing to complete before leaving this screen on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Your Glowcose device will then display a color representative of your current glucose reading.

Color Representation:

RED – Low

GREEN – On Target


The color will express a gradient between colors as your Blood Glucose reading is trending higher/lower. Example: Glowcose would display a “yellow” color if a user is trending from ‘on target’ to ‘low’.

Additional Glowcose Functions:

Light Brightness-

Clicking the button on the back of the device will adjust the brightness of the light. There are 5 light settings to aid with day/night needs.

Resetting the device-

“Press and hold” the back button until a ‘blue light’ displays and release. This will reset your Glowcose back to factory settings and the setup process will have to be restarted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Kevin Terry (