We designed glowcose because, like you, T1D has impacted our lives. We needed a quick simple way to answer the question "am I okay".

How It Works
glowcose receives data from the Dexcom cloud and gently reminds you of your glucose levels


- Less stressful readings
- More time in range
- Cloud based readings allows for placement anywhere
- Continuous and nonintrusive monitoring


“My girlfriend and I can easily monitor my blood sugar with a turn of a head or a quick glance at the Glowcose. We have it in a high foot traffic area of the house so it is always easy to see!”
~ Hiago
"glowcose makes it super easy to, with just a glance, take a quick note of my daughter’s blood glucose numbers. It’s a non-obtrusive and easy way to keep an eye on things without asking her for the number or pulling out our phones."
~ Robert