Use the glowcose web app to setup your account and device in about the time it takes to listen to your favorite song.


Change ranges and brightness settings depending on what works best for you.


Glowcose continues to work anywhere in the world regardless of where the CGM wearer may be.

Use anywhere, anytime.

There's no limit to the number of glowcose devices you can use or where you can use them. As long as there is WiFi, you're good to go!


  • "My girlfriend and I can easily monitor my blood sugar with a turn of a head or a quick glance at the Glowcose. We have it in a high foot traffic area of the house so it is always easy to see!"
  • "Glowcose makes it super easy to, with just a glance, take a quick note of my daughter's blood glucose numbers. It's a non-obtrusive and easy way to keep an eye on things without asking her for the number or pulling out our phones."
  • "My husband can visibly see my BG change on the Glowcose much more easily than logging onto his phone and into the app."
  • Hiago
  • Robert
  • Dana