We designed Glowcose because, like you, T1D is a part of our lives. We needed a quick way to remind ourselves without waiting on alarms.

"I Built the first Glowcose prototype while my wife was pregnant with our daughter. I spent most nights wide-awake and setting reminders to wake up again to check while she slept. She kept her blood sugar a bit lower than she would normally and the thought of a late night low alarm terrified me. I still woke up often, but just opening my eyes and 'reading the room' gave us both peace of mind. We now have a few around the house. While our young daughter doesn't necessarily understand how diabetes works, she does understand when the light is red, Mom might need a snack."
How It Works
Glowcose uses Wi-Fi to gather CGM data from the cloud to display glucose readings in color. Each reading is converted into hue and with hundreds of colors available in the range, it's surprisingly precise. Adjustable High, Low, and Target values let you decide how best to represent you or your loved one's readings.


- Hundreds of colors for precision
- Wi-Fi connected for use anywhere
- Continuous and non-intrusive


“My girlfriend and I can easily monitor my blood sugar with a turn of a head or a quick glance at the Glowcose. We have it in a high foot traffic area of the house so it is always easy to see!”
~ Hiago
"glowcose makes it super easy to, with just a glance, take a quick note of my daughter’s blood glucose numbers. It’s a non-obtrusive and easy way to keep an eye on things without asking her for the number or pulling out our phones."
~ Robert