How it Works

GLOWcose receives data from the Dexcom G6 cloud and gently reminds you of your glucose levels.

“This device is amazing.  My family’s stress has been reduced considerably after we started using it.  I don’t have to check my phone at night I just glance at the Glowcose and know my levels.”

~ Kelly Terry

Where to Use


Status at a glance. Rest easy with minimal checking.


Monitor your loved ones without looking at your phone.  Great when office phone usage is frowned upon.


About to snack?  Check your levels.

Living Room

Binge watching Netflix? No problem.

The gentle glow will remind you of your levels even in your most focused tv watching.

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    Beta Testing

    Beta Testing is now closed.  Please sign up above to be notified when we release and receive a 10% discount.  Coming Spring 2021.