How it works.

Glowcose connects via WiFi to fetch your CGM data from the cloud, presenting your glucose readings in an array of vibrant colors. (Works with Dexcom 5, 6, 7 and FreeStyle Libre 3)

Readings in color.

Every reading translates into hundreds of color possibilities within your chosen range. With customizable high, low, and target values, you have the flexibility to personalize how you or your loved one's blood glucose levels are displayed.

Innovation for our T1D family.

Glowcose was born from our daily experiences with T1D. Our goal was to create a more intuitive way to stay connected to our loved ones' glucose levels, beyond just seeing numbers. It's a user-friendly tool suited for people of all ages. Join our supportive community users who've embraced this new approach to managing their glucose readings.


"My girlfriend and I can easily monitor my blood sugar with a turn of a head or a quick glance at the Glowcose. We have it in a high foot traffic area of the house so it is always easy to see!"

"Glowcose makes it super easy to, with just a glance, take a quick note of my daughter's blood glucose numbers. It's a non-obtrusive and easy way to keep an eye on things without asking her for the number or pulling out our phones."

"My husband can visibly see my BG change on the Glowcose much more easily than logging onto his phone and into the app."