Setup Guide

If you've made your purchase on or after Jan 1st, 2024, you're in the right place and this guide is specifically designed for you.

Step 1: Web app setup.

Visit and create an account.

Step 2: Link your CGM.

Connect your CGM under the 'CGM Link' tab.

Note: Please make sure you use the device wearer account credentials not the caregivers. This can be found within the Dexcom app on the wearers mobile device.

You must have sharing enabled within the Dexcom app.

Note: Android users must have 1 follower for the share option to appear in the Dexcom app.

Verify your Dexcom credentials with the following: (US Based) (Outside of the US)

Note: You must use credentials for a connection in the "LibreLinkUp" app. To create a new 'connection', navigate to 'Connected Apps' within the Libre 3 app and add a connection. Use the credentials for this newly created connection to connect your account.

Step 3: Get device code.

First, locate your device 'Connection Code' on the web app interface where your current blood glucose reading is displayed. Keep it handy, you'll need it shortly.

Remember, this code is unique to you and necessary to link your glowcose device with the glowcose web app. Plus, one code works for multiple glowcose devices.

Step 4: Power Up Glowcose

1. Plug in the USB cord.
2. After a few moments, your device will be in Wi-Fi pairing mode (a multi-color rotation).

Step 5: Setup WiFi connection.

Connect your mobile device to the WiFi network named 'GLOWCOSE'.

If the glowcose setup page doesn't automatically appear, simply open any web browser (like Chrome or Safari), and either visit or type into the address bar.

Step 6: Pairing

Click "Configure Glowcose"

Note: It may take a a few seconds for the Configure Glowcose page to display while it searches for available networks. 

Step 7: Setup Wifi and Enter device code.

1. Choose your home WiFi network and input the password.
2. Enter your unique 6-digit Device Connection Code (from Step 3) into the 'Device Code' field.

Click 'Save' to finish.

That's it! Your Glowcose will now display your CGM readings in vibrant color. It'll also remember your WiFi details and automatically connect whenever it's within range of your network.

Need more help? Our FAQ page is full of useful tips, info, and troubleshooting advice.